Hello, I'm a singer-songwriter, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist from central MN. Here you can check out some of my music and find out where I'm performing next. If you're interested in lessons please re-direct to http://www.nostringsattachedmusic.org. 

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Montana: A Good State To Play Music In, Pt 1 

Due to the overall suckiness of the internet that we have experienced I've been way less amped about making blog posts, but this place isn't too bad so here it goes.

We started the tour with a visit to Fargo. We met up with the Nord girls and had a fun night having some drinks and watchin' some bands. The first band was good, but I'm pretty sure they kept on ripping off Zeppelin riffs, or they played a bunch of Zeppelin songs incorrectly, I can't be sure.  The second band was a bunch of older dudes taking care of business at a dive bar, they rocked. The next day we got up bright and early and had a grueling, dehydrated 8 hour drive to Billings. Thanks Hannah!!  (just kidding, it was a blast seeing you guys)

We definitely saw some cool stuff on the way, can you see the Buffalo?

Home on the range:

Sentinel Butt Camel Hump Lake

Some interesting shirts:

I want to ride in DADDY'S TRUCK

I'm just like my mom, I never shut up....what?

My fingers may be tiny, but I can still wrap Grandma around them!

Ten four good buddy Christ:

This is pretty J's down under:

We finally arrived in Billings and scoped out the Railyard Alehouse. We were sharing the stage with two locals and a metal band from Seattle.  The first band was a local metal/punk duo. They played two misfits songs!  We played next, we were very well received.  I was a little taken aback, we just started playing and in came the WOOS.  Our new friend Nicole shot some video for us that we will post soon. Big thanks to Josh for hooking us up with this gig.  

The third band from Seattle were pretty damn hard. They unleashed an onslaught of abrasive metal, they even had a theramin!  The fourth band was a local prog band complete with onstage cheerleaders, twirking their way to legend status on this blog post. I realize now I should have got some video of this, but it was just too crazy at the time. 

The next night we drove to Bozeman and hit up an open mic at the Haufbrau. It was a divey dive, I grabbed a Pabst blue ribbon and a Maker's Mark and felt like home. We played a small set and were once again very well received. One guy really liked the Tool cover. The band after us played some acoustic music, including a hoopin and hollerin cover of the theme song of Cat Dog.  Cat dooog!

That's all for now, stay tuned for stories from Philipsburg, the brewery with the coolest dog ever and Elvis hiding in their bathroom. 

Out of The Cold 

We're finally finishing up with this winter crap!  I didn't feel like updating too much as my hands have been too cold to type, but now that I've thawed out I can let you know a little more about all that's going on.

The Loners took a slight hiatus as Kelly and Phil get ready to have their baby, so I took over singing duties on a few gigs and we jammed as "The Benders", both in honor of John Bender, and the robot. The Loners shall return come late spring/summer, but I expect to do some major bending as well.

Kristin and I have been learning some jazz tunes to supply at a Murder Mystery event for charity at the Medina Ballroom, check it out!  We'll be singing as "The Speakeasies"

I bought a sweet Behringer digital mixer that I can run from a tablet. Ooooh, baby this thing is killer. I just ran sound for The New Defective at Tootie's on 3/20 and 3/21, we even pulled off some multi track recording. If you're my friend and you want me to run some sound for you, I'd like the practice, and we had it sounding fantastic.

I did a write up on Travis Calhoun in the literary blog I've been writing for. I'd like to review more musicians so get a hold of me if you'd like some press. I'll be performing with Travis at some rural bar gigs come mid-spring. Check out the article here:

I'll play supplying supporting guitar and vocals for Jesse Ray at his CD release for his new record "Cabin Fever". It will be at the Pourhouse in Minneapolis on May 2nd.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm going on tour again! My destination this time: Seattle, WA, the mecca of all MN grunge dudes. More details to come.

Stay classy George Glassy

Year Recap and Projects 

Happy early new year everybody. 2014 was pretty crazy. I went on my first national tour, recorded three albums, and played gigs galore with a variety of talented people. I wanted to take the time to highlight a couple of projects that I was recently involved in.

A couple months ago I tracked some guitars for Willie Dean Nelson at the Waterbury studios where Blood Root Mother tracked drums for Mystic Machine. It was a little trippy being there again, the high point was definitely playing on this old guitar that somebody had left there. The feel, the timbre, everything on it was just right. It was probably a magic guitar. The record is all originals by Willie. His rough voice and whimsical song craft are all in top form. I told Willie to make a bandcamp page or something, but I'm not sure if you can hear the tunes online yet. At any rate he's been playing at Dagmar's Restaurant in Buffalo every Saturday. Go down there and grab one of his CDs and a monstrously huge burger while you're at it.

I think it may have been as far back as the Winter of 2013/2014 when I started tracking guitars, banjo, and drums for Travis Calhoun and Reese Mankenberg's project ZABRA?  This was a really cool and creative record featuring a mix of players including Mr. Barry Costanzi of Physics/Toasterhead fame. I think the last tracking I did on it was in the Spring, and Travis and Reese finally got this baby released. I'm really impressed with the material and I'm honored to have been a part of it. You can check out the ZABRA? record, Iceland, here, as well as Travis's other project Afterlife: 


A little while back I stopped in at Ryan Gaskill's place and recorded some video of us playing some songs. Unfortunately one of the videos didn't turn out, but here's a video of us singing Auto Pilot by Queens of the Stone Age:


2015 looks to be another busy year. I've started booking gigs and the embers of commerce are burning. I'm hoping that Ryan gets a set of material put together soon so I can back him up at some shows. The Loners will be taking a step back from shows and I'll be taking it to the next level with my own set and starting to work with drummers, bass players, and of course the one and only Jeyson "El Natural" Munoz. Mighty Hermafroditey finally has some decent live recordings, so with any luck we'll have something pressed sooner than later. I'm hoping to take another trip in March, we'll see what happens. Stay groovy space banditos.

And Here's My New Album 

Here it is, the fruits of my labors these last couple seasons. Most of these tunes are quite old. Spare Parts and Hymn To Phoebus were instrumental side notes in my Finale files that I decided to put words to this spring. Both of the "hymn" tunes are sort of like sister pieces, and are both my attempt at creating something beautiful, and a bit of a nod to jangle pop artists like Matthew Sweet, R.E.M, Let's Active, and the like. 

Mr. Hume is in reference to a most famous famous 19th century charlatan Daniel Dunglas Home, with whom I have some strange fascination, I guess. It is by the far the creepiest thing that I've ever done. Blood Root Mother arranged a version of this, but this recording reflects the version I made with the late great Doug Anderson.

These recordings were all tracked and mixed by Jesse Ernster, and I can't thank him enough for the outstanding job that he's done. This makes all of the independent recordings I made sound like a pile of puke being eaten by a dog that puked, and its puke smells, and it likes to eat its own puke.

If you are an indie musician like me, and you'd like some tracking done at a reasonable price and exceptional quality, I highly suggest working with Jesse.

I found the cover art on DeviantArt. A lady named Cindy-R from Germany sketched this kitty, and it captured the mood like I needed it to. You can find more of her stuff on DeviantArt.  I was initially going to tap Kevin "Little Paw" McCreight, but I decided to save his illustration for the winter time.

There is one cover on this album that is not available for download yet. It is an arrangement of "Come On Over (Turn Me On)" by Isobel Campbell. I'm currently in the process of getting the mechanical license for that, so if you happen to buy this album from me before that happens, I will of course get you that track after the fact, or let you re-download, or something.

Eventually I'll make physical copies, but that is a huge pain in the ass, so as of now it will only exist in the ethereal, essence-ness of the digital format. How appropriate for Halloween. Be safe tonight space banditos, don't eat any unwrapped ecstacy, and maybe I'll seeya tomorrow night in Winsted.

And Ray...sleep tight!


I'm releasing my new CD "Things That Go Bump" for digital download on Halloween this friday. Until then I'll keep postin' tunes on soundcloud. All the non-musical aspects of post-production got a little behind on my part, so physical copies probably won't be ready for a few weeks yet. 

What else is new? I'll make my return to the Blue Note in Winsted this month, pre-production is underway for the next album, probably be done in the winter time. I have new music music brewin' with Kristin, some gigs lined up with The Loners and Benny, and I've been slowly but surely ironing out a set with a guy by the name of Mr. Ryan Gaskill. Our voices still sound really good together :)

In other news I saw the band Polaris in Chicago a couple of nights ago. You know, the band from the show Pete and Pete.  Bite my neck hair.

All Mighty Farmafroditey 

It's the end of September and already the best season of the year is almost over. Hasta la vista Septiembre, you all know that November is really winter around here.  That's ok though, because now we enter October, certainly the greatest month of the year.

The summer yielded a busy gig schedule and an influx of students, oddly enough. These gigs have mostly consisted of:

1. Drumming with my Big Lake pals the Loners and playing banjo for them at the local Farmers Market

2. Singing songs with Kristin H in our new power duo Mighty Hermafroditey

3. Singing dirty songs with Ben Walker. We still are not positive of our name yet. It was the Knock-Offs, but we were considering "Cast of Characters" since we play with
     so many random musicians. I'm confident that it still needs another word at the end that starts with a K though. 

A couple of weeks ago I tracked guitarand banjo on some tunes for Willie Nelson. (Willie Nelson from Buffalo). If you haven't heard Willie, your heart is certainly a bit chilly. Go eat a Philly, ya silly...uh....bastard.

Unbeknowest to most of you, but knowest to me, I've been recording new tunes at Jesse Ray Ernster's studio in Buffalo, MN. All six songs are now tracked, mixed, and entering the post-pro phase. I'll definitely be releasing it in October, perhaps on Halloween, but more likely on....

October 18th, My Birthday Gig at J's Down Under!!

That's right, about 28 years ago a little naked dude with long brown hair and a grateful dead shirt was serenading all the other little baby girls, while little baby sweaty dudes came up to him and hugged him going, "Ahh dude, that Toadies cover was SIIICK!"

It is my intention to con many excellent musicians that I know into playing with me, so you best come witness the spectacle for yourself.

In other news: 

JJ Grey on Thursday!

I lost my camera, that's why there are no pictures!!  :(

That dog has a poofy tail!!

Low plays on Halloween but I'm pretty sure it's sold out!!  :(

Anybody need some musicians for a Halloween party?

Eh?  :)

Record your next album with Jesse Ray, you will not be disappointed 

And disarmed crap

Belmondo out

Mankato Man 

Usually when you drive really far out of town and play to a relatively small audience you view that as a failure. However, my recent scouting mission out to Mankato was anything but, and to put it into perspective I will list reasons as to why it was a good call to go play a random gig in Mankato on a Thursday.

1. The sound guy was cool, and good at his job. He also spotted the Massive Attack/Twilight Singers tune I played.

2. I played at the What's Up? Lounge, the local punk rock club. Sweeeeeet.

3. I ran into Eric Zimmerman, the thumb slapping bass god of Delano High back in the bloodiest of blood root days

4. The Meat Puppets played there

5. 2 Live Crew played there

6. I had a delicious shot of whiskey. Mmmmmmmmmmmyummyyummy yumyumyum

7. I watched the band before me, The Frye, play an amazing set. I can't wait to share a gig with them again

8. I impressed the musicians there with my various rock and roll antics

9. Got to serenade two sweet ladies in the front row for most of my set

10. I freaked without warning

11. Mankato rhymes with potato

12. Shot pool with Memphis Steve

13. Dodged a deer in a the creepy fog on the drive back

14. Sold two CDs and a T shirt

15. Got paid

16. One beer left waiting for me when I got home

Now for reasons that were not so good:

1. Ate a gross burger from a gas station. Yuck

2. Eric didn't bring his bass. AWWWWW!!!

3. John Edward is a douche

4. Long, loooooooooooong drive

5. I smelled awful

6. You know like, when you smell bad, and you can even smell yourself and you think it smells bad. Yeah, no way to be man.

7. Lost at pool to Memphis Steve

So you see, a little simple math shows that overall it was a good idea to go out there. Thanks Mankato, see you again in October.


Antique Club Banger 

The new EP is on the loose. It'll be up on the site soon enough, in the meantime I will be having a local release party at my favorite tiny bar, J's Down Under on saturday, July 26th. Tim Brown as once again provided artwork for me, I really like what he did with the cover. I told him I wanted it to look like an old timey booze bottle, and he did just that:

In other news, I stopped by the thrift store the other day to get rid of some chairs. You know, the supremely uncomfortable wood chairs that were in the waiting room at the studio. Well the Wise Penny accepted them. I couldn't stop by the thrift store without checking out the music books, and oh man, there was some good stuff this time!

Sax to the max, complete with piano scores:

Fascinating jazz duets for guitar:

I may not be the hugest fan of MI, but I must admit that I like a lot of their books:


A blues jazz festival....jazz blues really:

My personal favorite: a HUGE book filled with pictures of Michael Bolton. I'm thinking of getting some of my friends' mailing addresses and sending them pictures of Michael Bolton that I've autographed. Seriously, there is some great stuff in here:

Here's to one hell of a crazy weekend...month...year...life really.

Prizes Galore 

Just going through the various treasures I found at thrift stores on my trip. Maybe I'll give these away at a show, maybe I'll use them as prizes in some sort of kickstarter. I don't know, but what I do know, is that they kick ass.

This Peter Paul and Mary 45

1 copy of Two Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Albinoni's Concertos for Oboe

A Mini Fan

1 copy of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

This terrifying clown statue

A Sammy Davis Jr. 45

This tape by Amandla, a band from Africa

This angel shaped candle putter-outer thingy

A Dean Martin 45

And 1 copy of Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson, a personal favorite.




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